Cash&Carry Racks

An effective solution for stores organized according to the "warehouse-store" principle, where the area is used simultaneously for storing goods and serving customers.
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Production of Cash&Carry racks

Cash Carry racks are designed both for displaying goods to customers (middle tiers) and for storing packaged goods directly in the trading floor (upper and lowest tiers). Also, in the middle and lower parts of these racks, light racks, display cases, cold storage and other commercial equipment can be located.

Cash & Carry racks not only ensure the safety of the goods in proper quality, they are safe and create the most comfortable conditions for both customers and staff. Cash and Carry racks allow you to create an interior of a trading hall with a properly organized movement of buyers, and as a functional storage place for inventory. Shelves of several depth options allow you to display goods of any size and weight.

Cash&Carry Rack Design

Cash&Carry Rack Design

Example of a rack with a pallet

Example of a rack with a pallet

Prices for racks Cash&Carry from 250 $ per rack


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Modern design department

Design engineers have modern software at their disposal and an experimental area where new designs of racking systems are tested.

Due to the fact that the racking design with the necessary configuration is developed from scratch, rather than according to existing templates, the customer receives unique equipment that most precisely meets their needs.




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