About us

About us


Operational efficiency of every meter of space


The evolutionary path of the Company transformation from a distributor to in-house production of metal structures is the base block of our strategy. An important task is to maintain business sustainability and increase brand trust, based on the Company’s ability to control the entire cost chain, as well as on the transparency of conducting business in accordance with generally accepted standards of business ethics.

2003 established
9000 м2 production area
18000+ completed projects
TOP 3 among the top three market leaders*
RUB 2.5 bln. purchase amount in 2020
7 offices in Russia and the CIS


We are engaged in the production and sale of metal racking for industrial rooms, providing the necessary range of services, including the automation of business processes in the warehouse.

FIRST is a well-developed warehouse logistics Company that provides a full range of services for the proper functioning of a warehouse.

The main specialization is professional development, implementation of racking structures and automated systems for any warehouses and trade.

  • Establishment of First Logistik

    Establishment of First Logistik

    Activity – supply of racking equipment

    5 RUB mln. 9 people
  • Design and installation

    Design and installation

    Launch of design and installation units

    100 RUB mln. 20 people
  • Branch in Moscow

    Branch in Moscow

    Establishment of a branch in Moscow

    155 RUB mln. 22 people
  • Branch in Kazan

    Branch in Kazan

    Establishment of a branch in Kazan

    200 RUB mln. 29 people
  • Service area of activity

    Service area of activity

    Russian accreditation of the non-destructive testing laboratory of the service unit

    300 RUB mln. 43 people
  • Branch in Minsk

    Branch in Minsk

    Implementation of projects not only in Russia, but also in the CIS

    600 RUB mln. 49 people
  • Development of the Automation area

    Development of the Automation area

    Implementation of automated projects with a shuttle system and Kardex equipment

    700 RUB mln. 54 people
  • Development of the Metal Furniture and Industrial Lighting areas

    Development of the Metal Furniture and Industrial Lighting areas

    Comprehensive equipment of warehouses and production facilities

    750 RUB mln. 60 people
  • European partners – Linde and BITO

    European partners – Linde and BITO

    Implementation of projects using gravity flow racking and BITO containers, Linde special vehicles

    900 RUB mln. 74 people
  • New First Logistik plant

    New First Logistik plant

    The first phase of the First Logistik plant was commissioned

    1800 RUB mln. 188 people
  • Launch of an R&D center and B2C sales areas

    Launch of an R&D center and B2C sales areas

    The launch of the range research and development unit and the B2C sales area

    2300 RUB mln. 290 people
  • Technological re-equipment

    Technological re-equipment

    Equipment modernization and technology improvement. Development of a production system based on lean manufacturing. Rebranding the company based on strategy.

    2700 RUB mln. 350 people

Sustainable Development Report

High-tech racking production


The cost and terms of manufacturing various types of warehouse structures (frontal, mezzanine, cantilever racking, etc.) directly depend on the labor intensity and standardization degree of the parts used.

For large projects, the average production time is 14 days. In-house finished goods warehouse makes it possible to ship racking products within a few hours.

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