The Company is committed to the principles of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, as set out in the UN Global Compact.




Стандарты компании

1. Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

FIRST relies on the fundamental principles of responsible business practice, developed by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, as a universal platform for shaping corporate policy and practice.

2. ISO 9001

FIRST relies on a systematic approach, which allows to solve all issues of improving the manufacturer’s activities as a whole, including the quality and safety of products.

3. ISO 18001

This document is one of the essential ones. It confirms the importance for the First Logistik production to comply with the established standards of the occupational health and safety management system.

4. ISO 26000

FIRST uses an international standard for self-assessment of performance and improvement of business processes.

5. ISO 14001

FIRST uses a systematic approach to environmental management in order to protect the environment and respond to changes in environmental conditions.

6. ISO 50001

FIRST follows a systematic approach in achieving consistent energy system improvements, including energy efficiency, energy security and energy consumption.


FIRST stands for uniting participants in the design industry to avoid and prevent harm to the life and health of individuals, the biological world, the environment, etc.


FIRST guarantees the environmental friendliness of products. Voluntary certification was carried out on the basis of a company audit carried out by an independent special accredited center.


Based on the results of the energy management system certification audit, a certificate of conformity was received, which attests that the implemented energy management system of First Logistik complies with the requirements of ISO 50001-2012.


Sustainable development report

Occupational and Environmental Safety

Carrying out its activities, First Logistik bears responsibility for the environment and for compliance with all occupational health and safety rules. We strictly follow all laws, rules and standards of occupational and environmental safety, which are adopted on the territory of the Russian Federation.

An integral part of the development strategy of First Logistik is environment, health and safety. We strive to gain the trust

of our customers, employees, partners and contribute to the development of modern society. To comply with safety regulations, we publish special brochures and use various information boards.

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