Mezzanine racking

Mezzanine Racking (multi-storey)

Mezzanine racks are multi-tiered structures that allow you to increase the storage area severalfold. We offer mezzanine on columns and frames.
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Video overview of mezzanine racks

Mezzanines are multilevel structures designed to accommodate bulk goods. This multifunctional solution can refer to pallet or shelf design, de-pending on which posts and structures are se-lected for the base. Similarly, the uniqueness of overhead posts is the chance of an elementary combination of shelf and pallet storage in a sin-gle design. The systems are suitable for the ac-commodation of different goods and trade items in warehouses, since any of the tiers can be ser-viced individually, the varieties of products can be mixed for storage.

We offer a mezzanine built on the basis of frontal or shelf storage racks, which includes el-ements such as stairs, decking and railings.

Important! We can manufacture any mezzanine structure to your requirements. Both new and used mezza-nines are available. The final price depends on the purchase volume. The more, the cheaper.

Mezzanine Supported by Co-lumns

Mezzanine Supported by Co-lumns

Mezzanine Supported by Frames

Mezzanine Supported by Frames

Mezzanine rack price:
starting from 400 per sq.m


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Warehouse mezzanines supported by medium-weight racks

Shelf mezzanines for the warehouse are a very simple way to arrange multi-storey mezzanines. The pressure on the tier shelv-ing can vary from 500 to 900 kg. The sys-tem is based on both bolt-on racks and shelves and on well as hitch fasteners, which have a big impact on the speed of installation and movement of shelves dur-ing use. Post-supported shelf mezzanines for medium loads are made of black metal with epoxy powder coating. The manufac-turing period of the racks is automated, therefore we can promise short delivery times for these products.

Mezzanines supported by pallet frontal racks.

Metal sheets and various types of grating are used for floor rack and rack decking. Shelf overhead posts are comfortable to use and easy to install. This design is needed for large loads and provides long-term storage of goods. Storey racking sys-tem is used for storing goods in boxes and crates.
As lowe as $ 500 per sq.m.


On all levels, non-heavy shelf racks or modular structures (equipment, changing rooms or business premises) can be placed. Goods are lifted with specialized lifting equipment: forklift, high-rise ele-vator, hydraulic lifting platform, lifting cabin, mast hoist. The main components of superstructures of this type are posts and floors made of sigma-section. The decking is made in the same way as in frontal post-supported superstructures.
As low as $ 5000 per sq.m.


The efficiency of space utilization is in-creased up to 400%, a prompt picking of an order of any complexity Mezzanine racking are suitable for small warehouses and large logistics centers alike (with a ceiling height of at least 4 meters). The design can be used for the goods storage area and for the picking area. Goods can be stored in boxes or in individual pack-ages.
Mezzanine storage racks are high storage racks divided into several tiers by perfo-rated metal decking, grating or high-density chipboard flooring. The flooring is located in the aisles and is the floor for the movement of warehouse employees. On the first tier are cold-rolled sigma beams, on the second and subsequent tiers, cold-rolled CC and CN beams of the frontal storage rack.
The stairs used by the employees for climbing to the upper tiers of the mezza-nine are attached to the load-bearing beams, along the perimeter of each tier fencing is arranged - railing. Stackers, lifts and elevators may be used to deliver goods to the upper tiers of the mezza-nine. To place the pallet with the goods on the decking, swing or sliding gates are installed in the fence.

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Mezzanine shelving is a complex struc-ture consisting of the following ele-ments: frame, beam, floor slab (floor-boards), stairs, shelves, railings, swing gate.
Between the frames that have rows of perforated holes in the posts with a pitch of 50 mm, beams are hung in pairs. The last tier can be hung onto the last perfo-ration holes. The beams are locked with connectors. Floorboards are installed on the beams.
Due to their design, mezzanine racks en-sure operation without residual defor-mation and unchanged geometric di-mensions. The junction of the side posts and longitudinal beams is a boltless quick-assembly joint. Beams are made in the form of rectangular rolled tubes, hav-ing brackets with hooks on both sides, which are connected into the tapered per-forations of the frame posts. The hooks have special convexities (bulges), which enter the tapered part of the perforations, thereby ensuring a firm engagement with the frame post.
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  • The base. To create it, shelving or pallet storage systems are required with components that are in de-mand to create partitions between the tiers.
  • Load-bearing posts. Used for at-tachment to beams.
  • Flooring. Used to make the floor between the stories, made of metal or wood.
  • Partitions. These can be stairs with railings, gates for loading products and other components.
  • Lifting machine. These are eleva-tors or lift tables. They can be non-movable and transportable.
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Modern design department

Design engineers have modern software at their disposal and an experimental area where new designs of racking systems are tested.

Due to the fact that the racking design with the necessary configuration is developed from scratch, rather than according to existing templates, the customer receives unique equipment that most precisely meets their needs.




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