Radio shuttle

AutoSat Wi-Fi Radio Shuttle

A cost-effective solution for warehouses with pronounced stocking irregularities that re-quire special conditions.
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Load Handling

AutoSat-drive-in system is a state-of-the-art, modified alternative to deep-storage racking. The Radio shuttle has a high pallet turnover rate and moves at 1.1 m/s (without load), 0.55 m/s (with load)

AutoSat handles cargo according to two principles:

  1. In the first case, the loading-unloading technology is similar to flow racking, i.e. the rack tier is straight through, so the shuttle can freely send pallets into the channel from one side and unload from the other side of the channel (the FIFO principle)
  2. In the second case, the technology is identical to drive-in racking, the shuttle sends pallets for storage and unloads them from one side of the channel, so the pallet placed on the tier first will be unloaded last (the LIFO principle).

Electric Lifting Mechanical System

Electric Lifting Mechanical System

Charger and Control Panel

Charger and Control Panel

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  • Efficient compact storage system for ware-houses with low SKU levels.
  • Eliminates risks of damage to goods, oper-ators, racking, and loading equipment.
  • Temperature operating conditions: – 30 C˚ to + 45 C˚
  • Friendly to pallets of different sizes.
  • Pallet spacing: 20 to 300 mm.
  • Remote control wave power: 150 me-ters in open space.
  • Li-ion battery without memory ef-fect.
AutoSat is equipped with an energy-saving and environmentally approved power sys-tem - a lithium-ion battery. The AutoSat battery is free from the memory effect (the battery seems to "remember" that in previ-ous cycles its capacity has not been fully used, and when discharged, it gives current down to the "remembered limit"). The AUTOSAT battery has an operating time of up to 16 hours without charging, which provides the advantage of conserving ener-gy.
от 25000 $ за шталл


Safety of the operator, racks, goods, shut-tle; control by the operator with a remote control (150 m range); maximum use of warehouse space; possibility of AUTOSAT system operation in two technologies: FIFO and LIFO; unlimited channel depth; handling up to 300 pallets with single shuttle per shift; up to 16 working hours without recharging; no machinery with special characteristics required, unlike deep shelving; environmentally friendly lithi-um-ion battery; suitable for operation in low-temperature cold cells to -30 C; con-trol panel interface and user manual in Russian; fast (speed with load = 0.55m/s, without load = 1.1m/s) and quiet shuttle movement.
starting from 25000 $ per shuttle


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Free 3D project of a warehouse with shuttle

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Due to the fact that the racking design with the necessary configuration is developed from scratch, rather than according to existing templates, the customer receives unique equipment that most precisely meets their needs.




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