Grid Flooring

Grid Flooring

Structurally, this material is a cellular structure formed by the intersection of steel strips at right angles
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Flooring Applications

The grid flooring is used in the scope from industrial construction to interior design and decorative products. However, the main application of pressed grid flooring is the manufacture of platforms, platforms, bridges, stair steps and some other products for industrial enterprises.

Due to the small thickness of the metal strips, the pressed flooring is relatively light, which allows it to be easily transported over long distances and in-stalled/dismantled.

Welded Flooring

Welded Flooring

Pressed Flooring

Pressed Flooring

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Such flooring is produced by welding the bearing metal strips and cross bars under pressure. The main bearing capacity is pro-vided by strips, and the bars make the struc-ture strong and resilient. Often the grids are galvanized after welding to prevent corrosion.
from $ 40 per 1 sq. m.


Such grid flooring is produced without weld-ing. The forged strip is pressed into the pre-made splines on the bearing strips under a pressure of approximately 500 tons. This ensures complete solidity of the structure.
from $ 40 per 1 sq. m.


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