Successfully equipped:

3590 sq.m.

Structure height:

Front shelving with lattice flooring


408 pallet seats and 2168 shelves

Project tasks

The CLAAS Concern is one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. The task of the project is to organize cargo storage on metal pallets of various sizes, as well as to organize vertical storage of sheet metal.

Solutions and benefits for the client

To solve the tasks, pallet holders have been developed, which, when loaded, give them the correct direction vector. Mobile racks on wheels with a load capacity of up to 6 tons are also used. To create this structure, a base in the form of a platform was developed, to which the wheels are attached. The metal storage rack consists of cells with metal dividers. A tray is installed in each cell to the full depth of the rack. For the convenience of loading / unloading sheet material, rollers are installed in front of the rack.