Successfully equipped:

8281 sq. m .


776 gravity shelves and 37856 drawers

Racking structure capacity:

3356 palletomest

Project objective

Reduction of the collection time and the way of components from the warehouse to the assembly shop. Reducing the actions of employees in the selection of goods, increase in labor productivity and staff work speed. Reduction of employee errors in the selection of goods. Improving the efficiency of the warehouse by increasing the collection of items per shift.

Solutions and benefits for the client

The lower shelves of the pallet racks were replaced with gravity shelves, thus the lower static tiers were transformed into dynamic systems. The lower gravity shelves are tilted towards the collector, and the upper one towards the packer, where empty containers are rolled for replenishment. As a result, the FIFO principle is observed. Significantly saves time. The number of goods in direct access is growing significantly and, thereby, the productivity of commission increases.