Double-deep racking

Double-deep racking

This storage system allows placing two pallets one behind the other. As a result, the space be-tween the aisles can accommodate 4 pallets. This solution makes optimum use of the space.
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Video overview of racking on mobile bases

With our flow storage racks, you can use your storage space more efficiently. Roller shelves are highly functional and can be installed on conven-tional racks. This makes it possible to create dif-ferent configurations for dynamic storage of goods in boxes. Possibility to compactly place and store palletized loads.

Gravity flow racking for pallets saves up to 70% of the existing warehouse area, reduces time for cargo handling, allows the use of warehouse equipment only in the loading/unloading area, operates without energy consumption, success-fully integrates with pick-to-light technology.

Gravity flow racking for piece goods is suitable both as workpiece shelving in production and as storage and picking shelving. They are flexible in their application and allow compact, clearly ar-ranged storage of goods. The short time intervals increase the efficiency of the system, working hours are reduced while warehouse turnover is increased, the investment costs are often amor-tized within a year.

Rack Design

Rack Design

Single Racking

Single Racking

Price: 200 per pallet space


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  • Saving warehouse space
  • Increased warehouse capacity
  • Saves 25% on space utilization
  • The system allows two pallets to be placed one behind the other.
  • No need to build one aisle between the racks.
As low as $ 50 per pallet space


Double deep storage racks save space in the warehouse. They increase storage capaci-ty. The pallets that are in the outer row of the rack become accessible. The inner pallet can only be picked up after the outer pallet has been removed. Increases storage capacity by 25% compared to single-deep racks.
As low as $ 50 per pallet space


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Modern design department

Design engineers have modern software at their disposal and an experimental area where new designs of racking systems are tested.

Due to the fact that the racking design with the necessary configuration is developed from scratch, rather than according to existing templates, the customer receives unique equipment that most precisely meets their needs.




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