Racks on mobile bases

Racks on Mobile Bases

Mobile base shelving is a shelving system on rails. A mobile base is a prefabricated structure consisting of electric motors, wheel sets and ties, onto which the racks are integrated.
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Video overview of racking on mobile bases

  • Space saving. Mobile shelving can be installed at a minimum distance from each other, leaving only one aisle in the warehouse. This allows up to 95% of the floor space to be used. All goods remain within easy reach: any rack can be ap-proached by moving the other structures in their path in succession using an electric drive.
  • Reduced operating costs. The close proximity of the mobile racks reduces the cost of heating (cooling, lighting) the goods.
  • Possibility to use old equipment. Virtually any shelving can be put on mobile bases: frontal, shelving, cantilever, archive Including used racks.
  • Low power consumption. Mobile racking can be serviced using standard warehouse equip-ment (of suitable lifting capacity and height).
  • Safety. Mobile racks are equipped with sensors on photocells that guide the infrared beam along the end part of the mobile load struc-tures. When a person or forklift crosses the beam, it causes the sliding equipment to lock automatically. The movement can only be re-stored by commands from the control panel in the rack row and from the central control panel.

Rack Design

Rack Design

Principle of Operation

Principle of Operation

Cost of racks on mobile bases:
starting from 200 per pallet space


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Mobile bases are equipped with an independent motor power unit, and the number of drives is determined by the length of the base. The movement speed of this system is 4.7 m/min. The power of the drive motors depends on the load on the base and the number of drives on the base.
As low as $ 200 per pallet space


Mobile racks have flexible mounting of the transmis-sion box with the wheel beam. Standard version of motor power: 0.25 - 0.37 - 0.55 kW with IP 54 protec-tion. Change the oil in the transmission every 10 000 working hours, i.e. about 10 years of normal use of the equipment.
As low as $ 200 per pallet space


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Modern design department

Design engineers have modern software at their disposal and an experimental area where new designs of racking systems are tested.

Due to the fact that the racking design with the necessary configuration is developed from scratch, rather than according to existing templates, the customer receives unique equipment that most precisely meets their needs.




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